Looking to rent your property? Here’s how we’re the best to take care of your biggest asset.

Three simple options for renting your property.

Those who are looking for estate agents to manage their property often fall for the common misconception that all agents offer the same standard options. This leads some landlords into simply picking the cheapest option available. In reality the services and management options offered can differ greatly.

What every landlord really wants is an option that offers exceptional value coupled with outstanding service. In other words, they want an option which provides them with a reliable tenant and a steady guaranteed income via a trusted agency. This is precisely what Andrea & Co can provide.

Services POR

Work with the best in property management.

Take the stress out of renting your property

Andrea & Co are proudly in partnership with Charles David Casson property management. A full time dedicated team of property managers to ensure issues are dealt with fast and effectively protecting your biggest asset. Never worry again about chasing rent payments or emergency calls in the middle of the night. Let our specialists take care of your investment 24/7.



If you haven’t heard of flatfair already they are the simple, safe and affordable alternative to tenancy deposits.

Instead of an expensive deposit, tenants simply pay flatfair a small one-off membership fee and cover the cost of any established charges at the end of their tenancy. Without an expensive upfront deposit, flatfair gives landlords a competitive advantage; their properties become more affordable and attractive to a wider scope of tenants. This also helps in reducing voids.

Flatfair helps tenants and landlords settle end of tenancy charges quickly, fairly and securely, whilst protecting everyone through Independent Dispute Resolution. They facilitate fast resolution of charges and disputes with tenants – in fact, landlords may even sell them unpaid established charges up to a total value of 12 weeks’ rent. If worse comes to worst, you can appoint flatfair to recover any additional sums at no cost.

Just Checking Homes

Detailed photographic inventories

We get asked frequently, "why are inventories so important?" In order to protect your biggest asset, you need to be sure that when your tenant moves out, it's returned in the same condition. In the event that it is not, you need to be able to prove the difference in order to claim damages. That's why we use Just Check Homes. They produce for us highly details photographic check-in and inventories, quarterly inspections and check-outs. They also store the original high resolution photos, should they be need again at the end of the tenancy to make claim.

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