Harrow’s Top Schools and Their Impact on the Local Property Market


Harrow, a widely sought-after borough in Northwest London, is known for its exceptional educational offerings, attracting families from near and far. With prestigious private institutions and high-performing state schools, Harrow prides itself on providing an outstanding learning environment for children of all ages. As estate agents specialising in sales, lettings and management in Harrow, Andrea & Co. understand the importance of education in the property market, and we’re here to guide you through the borough’s most reputable schools and their impact on local property values and desirability.

With property prices and demand in periodic fluctuations, it’s essential to factor in aspects that maintain a consistent appeal. In Harrow, one such driver of the property market is the presence of highly-regarded schools. A sound education lays the foundation for a bright future, and Harrow’s steadfast commitment to academic excellence makes it an attractive destination for families seeking top-tier educational opportunities.

In this blog post, we delve into the renowned schools within the Harrow borough, highlighting their accolades and unique attributes. We further discuss the relationship between these institutions and the local property market, providing valuable insights for families contemplating a move to this vibrant area. Allow Andrea & Co. to be your compass in navigating Harrow’s educational landscape, equipping you with the knowledge required to make informed decisions about your family’s future.

Harrow’s Prestigious Private Schools: Fostering Excellence

Harrow is home to some of the UK’s most esteemed private schools, boasting world-class facilities, rigorous academic programmes, and a commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals:

1. Harrow School: Founded in 1572, this all-boys boarding school is famed for its impressive alumni (or Old Harrovians), including Sir Winston Churchill and Lord Byron. The school’s reputation for academic and co-curricular excellence cements its place as one of the country’s top private educational institutions.

2. John Lyon School: Founded in 1876, this independent day school caters to boys aged 11-18, promoting a strong focus on character development and academics. Its serene campus is nestled amidst the leafy surroundings of Harrow-on-the-Hill, offering state-of-the-art learning facilities.

3. North London Collegiate School (NLCS): Established in 1850, this independent school for girls is consistently ranked among the UK’s highest-performing institutions. NLCS prides itself on offering unrivalled academic enrichment, innovative teaching methods, and numerous co-curricular opportunities, all within a beautiful 30-acre parkland campus.

The Impact on Harrow’s Property Market: High-demand locations with close proximity to these highly sought-after schools often yield premium prices. Desirable properties cater to families who prioritise securing placements for their children at these prestigious institutions, creating a stable investment for property owners.

Harrow’s Outstanding State Schools: Upholding High Standards

Harrow’s commitment to excellent education extends beyond the private sector, with state-funded schools offering exceptional academic standards, top facilities, and dynamic, supportive learning environments:

1. Nower Hill High School: Rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, Nower Hill High School is an ambitious and innovative state school for pupils aged 11-18. Boasting a strong academic track record, the school also excels in sports and arts provision.

2. Whitmore High School: Established in 1974, Whitmore High School offers a comprehensive and diverse curriculum catering to students aged 11-18, backed by an ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted rating. The school’s inclusive ethos and holistic approach to personal development have led to impressive academic results and consistently high demand from parents seeking quality education.

3. St. Anselm’s Catholic Primary School: This much-celebrated primary school serves Catholic families within the local parish and provides a welcoming, supportive learning environment for children aged 3-11. With an Ofsted rating of ‘Outstanding’, St. Anselm’s is a truly exceptional institution.

The Impact on Harrow’s Property Market: Properties within the catchment areas of Harrow’s outstanding state schools, such as Nower Hill High School and Whitmore High School, are highly sought-after, leading to increased property prices and strong demand for rental opportunities.

Harrow’s Diverse Educational Landscape: Catering to All Needs

As well as boasting numerous stellar mainstream schools, Harrow also provides a wealth of alternative educational offerings to accommodate students with unique requirements or special educational needs:

1. Shaftesbury High School: This co-educational special needs school caters to students aged 11-19 with moderate learning difficulties. Shaftesbury High School’s tailored programmes and care ensure that all students receive top-quality education suited to their abilities.

2. St Dominic’s Sixth Form College: This highly-regarded institution offers a range of A-level and BTEC courses designed to cater to students seeking a more specialised post-16 education. The college has a history of exceptional results, allowing students to progress to higher education opportunities at esteemed universities.

The Impact on Harrow’s Property Market: Harrow’s diverse educational landscape reinforces its commitment to nurturing children of all abilities and interests. This comprehensive offering can only strengthen the borough’s property market, as families seeking a range of educational opportunities are drawn to Harrow.

Harrow’s Education-Driven Property Market

It’s indisputable that Harrow’s array of outstanding educational institutions positively influences its property market. Families seeking a stable, long-term investment can take comfort in the area’s continued commitment to academic excellence, which will stand the test of time.

Andrea & Co, with our specialised knowledge and experience in the is the best estate agency in Harrow. We are equipped to guide you through the local property market and its relationship with the education sector. Allow us to help you navigate your property journey in Harrow and assist you in making an informed decision about your family’s future. Contact us today!

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